StrideDoc is a SaaS product that enables users to create interactive demos, step-by-step tutorials, and full documentation pages for their applications.

Start creating interactive demos, step-by-step guides and documentation

Experience the best of documentation with our improved design and user-friendly interface. Say goodbye to cluttered and confusing docs, and hello to an intuitive and visually appealing experience.

Capture the process

Start your interactive demo capturing process easy by clicking the Capture process button in the Chrome extension that we developed for this purpose

Customize captured screenshots and clicks

When you have finished the capture process, it is a time to customize the captured screenshots and clicks. Add additional text boxes with explanations if needed, new hotspots and markers.

Share the results with interested parties

When you have finished an interactive demo, you can easily share it with other team members, interested parties and customers.

Create step-by-step guides

You have interactive demo ready and shared. With few clicks, you can create step-by-step guides which can be used for customer or internal users onboarding process.

Full documentation is few clicks away

With the step-by-step tutorials, you are just clicks away from creating a full documentation skeleton, together with the chapter structure, intro images and intro text. This will speed up the documentation process writing dramatically.

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